Kavana Health : Wellness Redefined

There have been defining events throughout history that have changed the face of humanity. The industrial revolution, the space race, Civil Rights, the rise of digital technologies have all been catalysts for world change. In recent years we have seen an increased appetite for positive, healthy lifestyles, together with the blurring of lines between Western and traditional medicines. As more people turn to alternative therapies, CBD has exploded across every aspect of the pursuit of a healthier way to live.

We strive to be the leading-edge ingredient manufacturer in the Industrial Hemp industry. We aim to set the standard in consistency, transparency, and credibility, both in the processes we create, and the products we supply

As the myths around Industrial Hemp start to dissipate, more and more people are turning to CBD in its various applications. From CBD infused drinks, to beauty and cosmetic lines, to pain relief, clarity and understanding are taking the place of confusion and shams as consumers start to learn what it means to live life with health and wellness.

In an industry just beginning to understand its own place in the health and wellness world, Kavana Health is a leading CBD ingredient and product manufacturer in the Industrial Hemp industry, Our core value, and our vision, is to be the gold standard of consistency, clarity, and credibility in our processes and the products we supply.

The Kavana Health Advantage : To be Kavana Certified is to be true and pure. All product receives 3rd party testing and achieves the highest standards

Kavana Certification

We believe that it is essential to create a safe, trusted, and completely protected environment in which suppliers and purchasers can operate. Because the FDA will not provide CBD quality and safety guidelines in the near future, Kavana Health has stepped up to fill that void. Our Kavana Certification Process ensures our partners can have confidence that everyone involved in the transaction is qualified to participate, and ready to make an impact.

People First: Kavana Health Cares

We believe in a holistic business model where people are protected, cared for, and healed. Our vision is to set the standard for CBD production and to always be at the forefront of research that results in a healthier, more productive world.

As an employer, and as a partner, we create an atmosphere that fosters learning, teamwork, innovation and personal growth with a simple set of values:

  • People first

  • Partner with the best and the brightest

  • Believe in candor

  • Be passionate & determined

  • Pursue growth through learning

  • Have fun and love what we do

We are proud to be one of the very few companies in Oklahoma that provides 100% full medical, dental, and vision coverage for our employees

Just as the Tech industry pioneered the “new workplace”—a campus designed for the health and well-being of their highly technical workers—we at Kavana Health believe that all workers, in all industry areas, deserve to live that same good life to produce results that will influence the future.

Kavana Health is committed to a value-added, progress-forward environment that embraces the needs of our people while promoting our values for a healthy work and life experience.


Phil Dembo

Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer

Founder of Life Strategies LLC. Life Strategies LLC is a boutique coaching firm for the highly motivated performer. In the early 80’s before “coaching” was popular, Dr. Dembo emerged with strategies that allowed for true growth and real change and elevation in systemic and individual performance. From Collegiate and Olympic to the professional athlete; From the single entrepreneur to Fortune 50 companies and their leaders; Dr. Dembo has successfully designed and implemented strategies in the elevation of culture and performance at the highest level. His strategies and approach has set the standard for performance in established and emerging industries alike.

Nancy McCumber

Chief Operating Officer

23+ years of experience in Leadership, Human Resources, Management, Culture Change, Payroll and Benefits. 17+ years of experience in facilities, administrative, and project management. 3 years of experience in Lean and Six Sigma processes, specifically focused on Health Care, Manufacturing, and Office administration. Strong background in Company Culture, including being named ‘Best Place to Work in Oklahoma’. Driven to excel in any role which has led to experience in the Technology, Health Care & Wellness, Holistic products, Senior Lifestyles, and Compliance industries.

Bobby Johnson

VP of Operations

20+ years of experience in high growth distribution environments with extensive experience in facility automation, facility planning and design including inventory control, multi site operations, and employee training & development. Strong background in managing KPIs and Metric performance of facility, production, and employees as well as OSHA and GMP standards. Heavy experience in recognizing and implementing safety measures in manufacturing environments.

Terry Willingham

Production Supervisor

28+ years in a restaurant management environment responsible for Department of Health licensing and safety of employees as well as customer satisfaction and production output. Additionally, 5+ years in the extraction and distillation industry, focusing on high quality, safe extraction methods in licensed facilities in various states with differing requirements for compliance.